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New tasting for wine lovers!

Главная » New tasting for wine lovers!

 Speak Еnglish and enjoy traveling?  Think of doing an individual tour around some wine regions? Or may be just want to find out more about your favorite wines on the net?

Sounds really exciting but there is a problem – all these specific wine words and tasting procedures.

To save your time and make a trip  - real or virtual just what it should be  -

ultimate pleasure  - come and join us at our new tasting - Wine English. This is a a regular tasting conducted in English which will:


–  give you a clear idea of how to make an agreeable tour and avoid disappointment

help you understand what you should pay attention to during a tasting

–  make all the wine terms sound familiar

Available at all Kaudal wine boutiques

Conducted by Yulia Kretova, professional teacher of English and sommelier, Wine school Director


If you are interested , call us at:

  • +7 916 930 33 33
  • +7 965 440 45 45
  • + 7 916 240 33 33
  •  +7  916 745 03 33

P.S. Аt least upper- intermidiate level of English required!

Wine House Caudal

Минздрав соцразвития предупреждает: Чрезмерное употребление алкоголя вредит Вашему здоровью, вся предлагаемая на сайте продукция носит ознакомительный характер, сделка купли-продажи осуществляется на территории винного магазина.

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